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“Microcapsule Remediation System”

"Using Vitamins & Anti-oxidants to Protect & Beautify the Hair”
Joshua Bernard, a professional hair artist and President of Retro-Chic International, has longed to develop a hair treatment system that is superior for restoring damaged hair, locking-in color, and providing lasting protection against the drying effects of harsh sunlight and chemical environments. To make this possible, Joshua has teamed with two of the world’s leading molecular scientists to develop the industry’s first “Microcapsule Remediation System” for hair conditioning.

Many plant-derived anti-oxidants and vitamins are known to prevent dryness or counteract damage to skin and hair. However, conditioners containing the most effective anti-oxidants tend to rapidly lose their potency after the bottle has been opened and exposed to the air. Retro-Chic International has solved this dilemma by encapsulating three extra-active anti-oxidants: pomegranate extract, rosemary extract, and vitamin E succinate. These tiny microballoons of vitamin E protect the highly active anti-oxidants and extend their shelf-life in the new Retro-Chic Conditioning Potion™, Retro-Bonding Conditioning Potion™ & Retro-Bonding Remedy™.


Shampooing Potion™

This formula is optimal for everyday use on all hair types, whether naturally chic or chemically altered. Retro-Chic Shampooing Potion® will brilliantly cleanse the hair and help it maintain its utmost status.

  • Natural and Maximum Color Protection
  • Purify ~ Protect
  • Lustrous ~ Radiant


Conditioning Potion™

This formula is designed to enrich the hair with moisture. Retro-Chic Conditioning PotionTM will replenish naturally chic or chemically altered hair to its fullest.

  • Natural and Maximum Color Protection
  • Microencapsulation Conditioning System
  • Lightweight resilience
  • Moisturize ~ Laminate

Retro-Bonding Shampooing Potion

Retro-Bonding Shampooing Potion

This formula will revamp dry or chemically distressed hair back to its most attractive properties in every way. 

  • For Distressed Hair
  • Rejuvenate ~ Modify
  • Soothe ~ Shine

Retro-Bonding Conditioning Potion

Retro-Bonding Conditioning Potion

This formula is essential during the hair restoration process.  Retro-Bonding Conditioning Potion's™penetrating moisture delivery restores the hair to its most lusty condition.

  • For Distressed Hair
  • Vitamin Enriched Microencapsulation Conditioning System
  • Penetrating Moisture Delivery
  • Re-bond ~ Reconstruct
  • Desirably Sheen
  • Seals Cuticle

Retro-Bonding Remedy™

Retro-Bonding Remedy

By far, the créme de la créme of reconstructing antidotes.  Retro- Bonding RemedyTM is the cure-all for modifying the hair back to its most vigorous juncture.

  • Dense Conditioning Masque
  • Microencapsulation Conditioning System
  • Rehabilitate ~ Transform
  • Seals and Reconnects Cuticle



Lustrous leave in treatment that delivers a luminating effect.  GlazzTM nourishes the hair while intensifying its shimmery existence.

  • Reconstructing Shine Potion
  • Fuse ~ Mend
  • Moisture Bearing Essentials
  • Thermal Protectant
  • Alcohol Free

Superstruct Gel™

Superstruct Gel™

The key foundation builder in creating any chic hairstyle.

  • Flexible Styling Gel
  • Medium Hold
  • Wet or Dry Hair
  • Smoothes
  • Creates Volume



This gooey-goo will do whatever your mind and hands tell it to.  FixationTM is the most diverse styling tool ever used to slick, spike, separate, twist, and add shine.

  • For All Hair Types and Lengths
  • Lightweight
  • Diverse
  • Creates Texture



Finishing product for your soft, shakeable  hair style.   ShakeableTM is a lightweight, natural hold hairspray used to maintain all flexible hairstyles.

  • Shiny
  • Workable
  • Maintains Style
  • Low Voc’s


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